Dictionary of Real Estate Terms
iPhone, iPod touch and Android

A dictionary of real estate terms in a user-friendly format that is helpful both to real estate professionals and homebuyers.

Real Estate by Smarter Agent
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Search all publicly viewable MLS listings in over 300 markets and view the selling
price of homes sold within the last three years. The "call to see" feature allows you to connect with the listing agent to schedule a showing.

iQualify® Pro
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This app can help you quickly find out how much house your clients can afford.
Based on your client's income info, loan info and your preferred lender requirements, iQualify Pro will calculate the max loan amount and purchase price.

Mortgage Calculator Pro
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With this app you can quickly calculate monthly mortgage payments for your clients, you can adjust insurance, property tax and fees to see how they affect the payment, and track client loans with the save feature.